What Is Content Writing And Tips To Write Quality Content

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Content writing is all about planning, writing, and editing content, mainly for digital marketing purposes. It involves writing blogs, articles, scripts for podcasts and videos, and other social media platforms, web pages, landing pages, etc.

With content writing at its peak, the competition has grown two-fold. Content writing is a dream job for many as it gives the freedom to work from home and provide flexibility to work at any time. While there are many successful content writers, others fail to create a similar impact. Even though you have excellent writing skills, that is just not enough. Creating engaging, valuable content that helps target audiences is what matters.

Studies have shown that:

78% of content marketers are successful because of quality content creation, and 47% of marketers are outsourcing their content (CMI 2018).

These stats show that quality content creation matters a lot. So if you are a content writer wanting to brush your skills or a beginner at writing, let’s look at some simple yet effective quality content writing skills you should develop.

5 Tips To Write Quality Content

Master different writing styles

Each type of content has its own structure and style of writing. For example, creating blog posts require you to get personal, friendly, and opinionated. Similarly, news articles have to be quite short, formal, and informational paragraphs that give away the story clearly. Like new articles, Ad copies have to be short and persuasive. If you are writing white papers, then these have to be long pieces of content that describe a problem and then provide a solution. So matter which kind of content writing you aim at, you must master them all. This makes your work highly valuable and more in demand.

Choose the topics

Before you can start writing on a blank document, you need to have certain ideas in place. So, you have to find a subject you wish to write about, create a title and find out all the different angles you can write about this topic. The only way to do this is analytics.

Here are a few points you must keep in mind while choosing a topic to write about:

  • Create an audience persona

This essentially means understanding your audience, who your readers are, and what kind of topics they are interested in. You must always keep in mind that you write for your audience and your brand. So, every topic you wish to write on has to be beneficial to your audience.

  • Keyword searches

Keywords are highly crucial when deciding on a title for your content. Keywords drive traffic to your posts, and so it is very important that you do in-depth keyword research for your content.

  • Research your competition

You need to find out what other content writers in your industry are writing about. This will give you lots of information like their writing styles, what attracts the audience to their content, the keywords they use, who is linking and sharing their content, etc.

  • Create an intriguing title

Once you have completed the above three steps, you will have a good collection of keywords, knowledge about your readers, and an edge to your competitors. With all of these in mind, you can now choose the subject or the topic you wish to write about and create compelling titles that your audience will want to read.

Keep your originality

As a content writer, you need to remember that you are writing for your brand and reputation. So every post you create needs to be original. But with thousands of articles on the same topic, how do you keep your originality alive? The answer is quite easy. Your style of writing is unique with a voice, and you also bring in your perspective, which is different from the rest that sheds a new light. That being said, remember that any amount of plagiarism is bad for your SEO. So be sure to run through a plagiarism check before you submit or publish your article.

Understand the important parameters

The first step to creating your blog page is understanding hosting web tools like WordPress. It comes with simple functionality and lets you make your texts appear exactly the way you want it. The next step is to understand SEO. Search engines constantly update their SEO guidelines, so you must keep up. No matter what kind of word counts you can maintain in your content, it needs to be high-quality content and unique.

Know all aspects of social media

When you write for your brand, you need to create awareness amongst your target audience. Social media gives you everything on your platter. With an active presence on social media, you can meet former and fellow publishers, industry specialists, influencers, etc. You can even showcase your work and your talents. The more you engage, the more followers you gain, who are willing to share and recommend your content within their networks.


Competition in the field of content writing is quite high. If you follow the tips discussed in this article, you will understand your readers better and figure out how your writing can be beneficial to them. Content writing is here to stay and will dominate the business of online marketing. So go ahead and create unique, high-quality content that adds value for your readers, solves their challenges and offers your insights.

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